Q: Do you have set order minimums

A: Yes, over the years we have discovered that most of our retailers desire to purchase some pieces of our jewellery and display them in their stores. Since these are our repeat customers, we have decided to set our order minimums such that the retailers can have enough pieces to make nice displays that will most definitely translate into increased sales for their businesses.

Q: How long are your lead times?

A: Our lead terms lies between one to four weeks. The lead-time per order varies depending on the size of the order: large orders take longer to make compared to smaller ones. We always encourage our customers who have time constraints to place their orders in advance, notify us of the urgency of the orders so that we can certify the order as urgent, and get it delivered on time. We always endeavour to ensure that the deadlines are met.

Supposing you are satisfied with the information shared above, please fill out the form below. Once we receive and approve your form, we will then send you our wholesale terms, conditions, and line sheets and/or send you your login details so that you can view our wholesale collections straight from our website. We sincerely look forward to doing business with you!