Hi everyone, I live in a beautiful country town of NSW in Australia with my lovely wife. Aside from our normal jobs, my wife and I are equally passionate about handmade jewellery and it is out of this passion that the whole concept of SkyDivine was birthed.

SkyDivine is a one stop online shop that sells gorgeous jewellery. At SkyDivine, we sell an assorted range of jewellery fit for many different occasions. The jewellery sold at our online store includes huge collections of Silver gemstone rings, silver gemstone earrings, silver gemstone bracelets, silver gemstone pendants, and silver chains.

SkyDivine aims at providing unique and affordable customized jewellery to customers all over the globe. As a jewellery shop, we desire to re-introduce the sentimental feelings that are often inspired by well-crafted jewellery. Our goal is to create jewellery that inspires virtues such as love, wealth, personal value, and power.

Our inspiration stems from the fact that there is an unmet need in the market. We appreciate the fact that every customer has needs that are unique to themselves. SkyDivine ventured into the online jewellery business to offer handcrafted jewellery that is affordable to the customers. After the idea was birthed, everything else fell into place. SkyDivine was able to locate a manufacturer from India who specializes in making handmade jewellery. Incidentally, the manufacturer we settled for is my cousin who happens to be well endowed with a wealth of experience in the field of fashioning rings, pendants, bracelets, and chains using quality silver metal and precious gems. Each of the jewellery is painstakingly crafted by our artisans who ensure that the unique beauty of each gemstone is revealed.

SkyDivine prides itself at giving its customer the best product in the market. With the customer’s interest at heart, SkyDivine offers jewellery that every girl, regardless of age, can wear. The jewels are fashioned with the customer’s taste and preference at heart. We offer our customers jewellery that is unique to their test and preference.

Contrary to popular belief, quality need not be expensive. At SkyDivine, we sell our exquisite jewellery at exceptionally low prices. We are able to do this because of the fact that our manufacturing plant is located right at the source of these gorgeous gemstones and the world’s most talented artisans. Visit us at www.skydivine.com.au and sample some of our jewellery, you will be astounded at our prices, which are actually 65-80% below the retail prices.

The pictures posted on our online shop represent the real deal. We respect your need as our potential customer to see the products that you are buying. We have huge collections of Silver gemstone rings australia, handmade silver earrings australia, handmade silver gemstone jewellery, silver gemstone pendants, and silver chains. Take time to visit us today at www.skydivine.com.au and sample some of our jewellery in stock.

Shopping on our online shop is easy and 100% safe. We value and safeguard the privacy and safety of our customers’ personal information. Our system is hacker-proof and your credit card details are totally protected. We accept payment modes such as PayPal, Credit cards and debit cards.

We look forward to serving you and hope that you will visit us again. We will be glad to receive your feedback or suggestions through our Contact US page.


Happy shopping !!



Contact us at : info@skydivine.com.au

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